Webinar: Strategic Comparator Sourcing in China

Optimizing the Clinical Supply Chain

The featured speakers will address sponsors’ common concerns when establishing a clinical trial supply strategy in China, and provide solutions to problems that sponsors have experienced in the past, including:
  • Have the regulatory requirements cost time and money and delayed the clinical trial plan?
  • Have time, language, and cultural differences affected the efficiency of a project?
  • Are there concerns about quality and reliability when initiating a trial in China?
  • Is there uncertainty about how to assess sourcing options and determine what the best solution may be?

The challenges of running successful trials in China can be daunting, and getting comparator sourcing right from the start is essential. This webinar will focus on the key areas for success as participants hear both the pharmaceutical and service provider views on how to navigate the Chinese landscape effectively.

Join this webinar to find out more about overcoming these challenges, and learn how making the right strategic choices can have a positive impact on running clinical trials in China.

About the speakers:

Chan Liu, Comparator Strategist Lead, Pfizer

Chan Liu, Comparator Strategist Lead, Pfizer, and Master in Pharmaceuticals, First Military Medical University-Nan Fang Hospital, is a leading expert in clinical supplies across the Asia region, incl. China. Chan is managing sourcing projects for both local, regional and global studies and is responsible for the planning and forecasting of comparator needs, coordination of regulatory reviews, confirmation of label requirements, etc. Furthermore, she has the responsibility for the management of all Pfizer vendors in the region.


Philip Gregory, Vice President, Asia Pacific, Clinical Trial Services, Inceptua

Philip is an experienced international pharmaceutical executive, having worked for large pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology firms and CROs. He has worked in the industry for 30 years in both International roles and country management. Philip has worked in Europe, USA, Australia, Japan and China where he has resided for the last 14 years.

Philip’s extensive knowledge of product development, clinical trials and international business will give some unique insights into the strategies that should be utilized for successful comparator sourcing in the Chinese market.

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