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Comparator Sourcing in China

China is now the second-largest pharmaceutical market in the world, and with a more harmonized and efficient clinical trial approval process, it is seeing a large increase in clinical trial activity.

Ensuring that a clinical trial supply strategy is in line with current market requirements, and that a sponsor has considered all of their sourcing options, is essential to save time, resources and reduce costs.  

This webinar provides unique insights into this strategy and the key areas to focus on for success. Click on the video, and watch Inceptua’s webinar on Comparator Sourcing in China, co-hosted with Pfizer.

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Inceptua has been actively operating in China for almost 20 years and is continuing to expand capabilities throughout the APAC region. Our office in Shanghai is where our specialist China team is based, supported by our extensive teams in Europe and the US. Therefore, Inceptua is well positioned to deliver high quality products and services compliant with the ever-developing regulatory landscape in China.

In this paper we will explore all of the possible pitfalls facing sponsors in more detail and offer some strategic solutions, helping you to understand and mitigate the risks, thereby ensuring successful results in your clinical trial program.

Click to download the full Inceptua white paper:

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