Industry experts set to transform evolving pre-approval & unlicensed medicines sector with launch of Inceptua Medicines Access

Created in response to unprecedented global demand from patients and physicians and to provide a long-sought after alternative for the biopharmaceutical industry

LUXEMBOURG – 1 JUNE 2017 – Multipharma Group today announces the launch of Inceptua Medicines Access, a new speciality business unit that is offering a transformational approach to providing access to re-approval and unlicensed medicines in an increasingly complex environment. Led by a recognized team of specialist industry experts, Inceptua Medicines Access is poised to not only meet today’s needs but to transform the sector with its new and innovative service offering.

A new global provider, Inceptua Medicines Access, has been launched by a team of the healthcare industry’s most specialized and experienced senior executives with a proven track record in the medicines access field.  They have been involved in many of the initiatives that have grown and shaped the market and built access solutions for the benefit of patients, while mitigating the risks involved in providing access to pre-approval and unlicensed treatments.

Inceptua Medicines Access includes three distinct but collaborative divisions:

  • Inceptua Medicines Access Pharma focuses on engaging with biopharmaceutical clients to provide controlled pre-approval access programs to their medicines
  • Inceptua Medicines Access Healthcare focuses on sourcing and supplying unlicensed medicines on an on-demand basis for hospitals, pharmacists and physicians
  • Inceptua Medicines Access Consulting offers leading-edge strategy support services to biopharmaceutical clients

The sector has not adapted nor kept pace with the needs of the biopharmaceutical industry, healthcare professionals and their patients worldwide”, said Mark Corbett, Executive Vice President, Inceptua Medicines Access.  “Current demand combined with a complex and dynamic regulatory and political landscape means we need a new way of thinking about ethical and compliant access to pre-approval and unlicensed medicines. Inceptua Medicines Access offers unsurpassed understanding and a service customized to your needs.”

We are inspired by patients and never lose sight that everything we do is for a person and family in need. We want to provide our clients and customers with a best-in-class service that makes us the go-to global provider for pre-approval and unlicensed medicines”, concluded Corbett.

There has been a rapid, increasing and significant expansion in the need for access to medicines and therapies to meet today’s healthcare burden in areas of high unmet medical need – from patients seeking access to investigational treatments in advance of regulatory authorization, to physicians requesting medicines not available in their countries. The current environment is primed for a new way of thinking and approach when it comes to medicines access strategy. Inceptua Medicines Access has been established to offer the specific capabilities needed to meet this unprecedented demand and will navigate the complex and highly dynamic environment in a regulatory compliant way.

Inceptua Medicines Access is transforming medicines access by taking a holistic approach to the environment, offering industry-leading insight into the needs of all stakeholders in the provision of pre-approval and unlicensed medicines. The business unit will harness state-of-the-art technologies to improve and accelerate the supply process while maintaining a clear focus on quality and compliance.

Inceptua Medicines Access aims to transform the future of access to pre-approval and unlicensed medicines, powered by understanding and insight into the needs of biopharmaceutical companies and healthcare organizations, and delivered with compassion for patients and the medicines they need.

Inceptua Medicines Access is being launched into the market by a highly experienced and specialised team.” said Peter Krantz, Chief Executive Officer, Multipharma Group. “The expertise and global infrastructure of the Multipharma Group provides the ideal platform on which to launch Inceptua Medicines Access.  This foundation is coupled with a passion to provide healthcare professionals and the biopharmaceutical industry with a new leading alternative.” He added, “The establishment of Inceptua Medicines Access is the logical next step in the expansion of Multipharma, and perfectly complements the existing services supporting clinical trials of comparator sourcing, strategic planning, global depot solutions and clinical manufacturing. With this new addition Multipharma is poised to become a major global provider in the clinical trial services, pre-approval and unlicensed medicines space.”

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