Safely and Reliably Supplying your Comparator Needs during COVID19

Maintaining Safe and Reliable Supply of Comparators during COVID19

As an agile, well-distributed and robust global supplier of Comparators for the biopharmaceutical industry, Inceptua is uniquely positioned to safely and reliably supply your Comparator needs throughout the global COVID19 crisis.

Inceptua has offices and suppliers in multiple countries in Europe, the U.S. and Asia. We operate a global QMS. We are not tied to a single warehouse or distribution model. Operations continue uninterrupted from our offices or remotely. We are fully operational and supporting our clients with no current disruption in business continuity.

Inceptua sources materials from a diverse range of approved suppliers throughout the globe. As a result, we have excellent sourcing options and contingency plans in place to avoid or limit supply in countries affected by COVID19.


Status update – November 2, 2020:

  • All Inceptua offices are currently operating normal service, although our staff are working remotely as and when needed in all eight locations
  • All Inceptua warehouses currently operating normal serviceAll Inceptua couriers currently operating normal service; flights / airport restrictions imposed on passengers may impact freight distribution, but this has not yet materialized
  • Almost all Inceptua supply partners are currently operating normal service, however one non-specialist wholesaler has limited supply to non-clinical trial purposes. In addition the availability of some medicines is beginning to be restricted due to their potential usefulness in tackling COVID-19. Please contact us if you would like to know more about this
  •  Some countries have imposed border restrictions, but this has not yet impacted the ability to move medicines across borders



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