Access to Pre-approval and Unlicensed Medicines

If you are a qualified healthcare professional, you can access medicines
available through the pre-approval access programs (also known as early access, expanded access, named patient, compassionate use and managed access) Inceptua is running in partnership with pharmaceutical clients

Pre-approval and unlicensed medicines access programs

Inceptua is supporting a large number of pharmaceutical and biotech companies, through its management of pre-approval access programs for their assets.

Currently Inceptua is managing programs covering a wide range of rare disease products, oncology products and infectious disease products, allowing physicians to access these medicines prior to their commercial approval.

The full list of ongoing pre-approval access programs being managed by Inceptua, along with their inclusion criteria, and geographic scope, can be viewed by registering with our IMAP portal

Supporting you through the entire process
  • Ethical and compliant 
  • Directly partnered with the manufacturer
  • Dedicated country expert Medicines Access Advisors
  • Available by email or phone
  • Local language support
  • Unparalleled regulatory guidance
  • Easy-to-use online platform
  • Global network of warehouses
  • Rapid response and delivery

We are here to help by providing medicines
to ensure healthcare professionals can provide critical treatments to patients in need.

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