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Medicines Access Pharma – providing a fully outsourced service for:

  • Pre-approval Access
  • Early Access
  • Expanded Access
  • Compassionate Use
  • Named Patient Supply
  • Managed Access
  • Medicines Access

We are leading experts  in Pre-approval Access to medicines globally, and will design a strategy and program that meets the needs of your company and the patients benefiting from your products.  Our global programs are powered by understanding and insight into the needs of biopharmaceutical companies and delivered with compassion for patients and the medicines they need. We work tirelessly with pharmaceutical companies to ensure their customers needs are met, their products are developed with a sense of urgency and they pioneer best practice in Pre-approval Access.

Pre-approval access to medicines is a highly topical, political and emotive issue.  While some of the global complexities of providing access to investigational medicines can often be daunting for companies focussed on drug development, with the right planning and strategy, it is perfectly possible to set up and implement a successful global Pre-approval Access Program.  Our first class team will ensure your company has an early access strategy that compliments and supports your development pathways.

The exact design and scope of any global Pre-approval Access Program will depend on many factors including country scope, expected demand, regulatory feasibility, the license status of the product, necessary drug pricing structure, as well as company strategy, costs, and product supply.  Our team is here to walk you through the various options to support clear decision making.

We have differing access solutions throughout the developmental lifecycle of your products.  Whether your treatment is very early in development (Pre-approval) or post first approval but unavailable in all markets, we tailor our programs to suit the needs of the product.

We deliver with compassion: we care about patients, healthcare professionals and the medicines that they require.

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