Medicines Access Healthcare

Inceptua Medicines Access Healthcare serves the unmet need for medicines of  healthcare professionals and their patients.  This need may be driven because the product may be unlicensed, not commercially available, in shortage or discontinued in the country of need. Inceptua Medicines Access Healthcare sources the medicine that you need when you need it, typically to your pharmacist within a hospital.

With an established global footprint, expertise in regulatory, quality, logistics; an understanding of the challenges of access, market dynamics and regulations Inceptua Medicines Access Healthcare will be your go to provider.


Inceptua Medicines Access Healthcare is the new go-to global provider. Built on our expertise of sourcing and supplying products for 20 years, with an existing global sourcing network with over a 100 suppliers both manufactuer and 3rd party in 39 markets and supplying into 50 markets worldwide.


With our operating entities in Germany, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States and Japan, coupled with our global distribution capability of depots in 25 countries, ensures we are never far away.


With our regulatory expertise and understanding of individual country requirements we facilitate access to unlicensed medicines in an ethical and compliant manner.


Our focus on quality means you can be assured of the pedigree of the product you have received. We only use audited suppliers compliant with local and global regulatory requirements, ensuring product integrity is paramount. Internal procedures ensure all working practices are GDP compliant to ensure quality is our number 1 priority.

Customer Commitment

Our customer commitment is backed up by our customer services team, with a multi-national team across the Inceptua organisation, covering 24 languages, and dedication to specific countries ensuring you are talking to an expert in your country’s requirements and procedures for accessing unlicensed medicines. Where possible we will look to deliver your medicine within 24hrs.

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