Strategic Supply Planning

Global clinical trial supply chains can be complex and difficult to navigate. Fortunately for our clients, Inceptua has spent years building an extensive network of connections throughout the supply chain. Our experience – and our agility – means that we can work with you to develop the right strategy to meet your specific requirements.



We offer early stage consulting that includes:

  • Information on product authorizations, presentations, strengths, pricing, batch size and availability in different international markets
  • Historical data and knowledge of buying patterns, which may inform your choice of sourcing strategy at an early stage
  • Operational experience in emerging markets
  • Knowledge of possible constraints and external influencers (e.g. global depot services) when sourcing commercial drugs for your clinical trial
  • Emphasis on agility, cost improvements and risk management to give you the competitive advantage when sourcing comparator drugs, whether you choose innovator or generic options.

In developing your comparator procurement strategy, we collaborate and connect with you fully at every stage of the process, offering planning support for both small molecules and biologics.


 Local procurement strategy:

  • Benefit from our qualified network of suppliers and local sourcing experience in over 50 countries, offering advantages such as favorable pricing and no need for importation.


Central procurement strategy:

  • Sometimes the most cost efficient and reliable strategy for a comparator required in large volumes is central sourcing. Our project team thinks outside the box and offers you a customized solution for each procurement project

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