Supply Chain Management

Our expert project management team use their experience to develop a customized clinical supply strategy focused on your individual study needs.

From procurement, packaging, labeling and blinding activities, to the selection of depots and transport options, we offer tailored project plans designed to offer the optimal solution for your supply chain challenge.

Our team can monitor the stock levels for your trial, anticipating fluctuations and changes to ensure re-supply is done right on time. We track all stock across the supply chain to guarantee full traceability, minimize waste, and give you a clear overview of your trial stock. Our pragmatic approach to the unpredictable clinical supply chain environment will help you resolve potential issues before they even arise.

Our worldwide sourcing and distribution capabilities combined with a network of depots in all key regions mean we will always be able to find the right solution for you:

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Please contact our team to discuss how we can provide a highly flexible, cost efficient solution for your clinical trial:

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