Clinical Manufacturing

At Inceptua we support your product development process through comprehensive cGMP clinical trial manufacturing at our facilities in Europe. Our dynamic approach enables us to be flexible as well as ensuring end-to- end continuity and cost-effective results for you.

Through a single point of contact – an experienced project manager – we develop a tailored solution for your manufacturing requirements. Close communication and transparency throughout the process allows us to connect our customers to customized, agile and flexible

Our manufacturing services include in particular:

a broad range of packaging solutions:

  • de-packaging/de- blistering of commercial products
  • primary packaging in a GMP environment, ensuring product sensitivities are accommodated
  • child resistant packaging
  • proper blinding of test products and comparators, incl. over-encapsulation and blistering, to ensure the best option is found for
    your trial
  • individual secondary packaging solutions including cartons, wallets, simple and complex kit assembly

customized labelling solutions for: booklets, freezers, wraps, blister labels, tamper evident seals, over-labelling, expiry date extension

QP services for the European Union:

  • QP certification of each batch of finished product
  • QP certification after importation into the EU
  • consulting services
  • GMP and GDP audits

proper storage of (FDA) Retention samples

Supporting services include:

  • Randomization
  • Translation services
  • Analytical testing

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