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We are looking to partner and in-license speciality products. We are open to traditional in-licensing as well as distribution set-up and commercialization services.

We specialize in Europe (including CEE) and the Middle East, and have global reach for our products through our Medicine Access capabilities.

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We offer our partners a full commercialization platform with a highly experienced team.

Close collaboration between Commercial, Medical and Market Access is a key factor for success.


  • Commercial
    • Extensive launch experience
    • Marketing planning and execution
    • Business intelligence
    • Sales operations planning and execution and sales force with highly scientific Key Account Managers
    • Flexibility to expand tailor-made sales forces around a product


  • Medical Affairs
    • Medical & Medical Science Liaisons
    • Scientific support in the field
    • Key Opinion Leader network


  • Pricing & Market Access
    • Broad experience from the industry and consulting firms
    • Regional pricing and market access to ensure regional and local coordination
    • Local pricing and market access in key markets
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